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Being a phone sex teacher is the best job in the world! So many young, ripe, impressionable minds to mold and nurture. ​ And high school boys are very impressionable and so easy to stimulate. I just love how eager they are to learn. I don't just help them meet their academic requirements. My teacher phone sex duties go above and beyond that. I'm one of those teachers who has no limits on the lengths I go to meet all of my students needs! No matter what those academic or phone sex fantasy needs are.

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Of course there are those boys who need extra attention to get them motivated. Some of them really struggle to focus in my class. They're too busy drooling over my tits and ass, or rubbing themselves under their desks. Can you blame them with a hot phone sex milf like me for their teacher? I know their dirty little minds are too consumed with thinking about boning me to concentrate on their assignment. I can only imagine what nasty fetish phone sex role play they have spinning around in their minds!

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Boys will be boys! They can't help it. They have all these raging hormones exploding through their whole beautiful, fit, delicious body. It's my job to encourage them in every way to do well in my class. This is where that extra effort cums in that makes me stand out as a teacher. I think of creative ways to help them, like private one on one torturing at my home or giving them extra credit assignments.

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All they need is the right motivation. And I am just the mature phone sex teacher to do that. I have a very generous grading scale too. If they make me squirt on their face, they are likely to pass with flying colors. It all depends on their attention to detail. The more effort they put into eating my pussy, or fucking my ass or cunt... the more extra credit points they earn! See, I told you. I will go to any level to help my students.

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